What is Remind2Find?

Let's start with Remind...

Birthdays and other anniversaries are important, but as they only happen once a year, it's easy to lose track of when they are.

Remembering at the last minute creates unnecessary pressure. By using Remind2Find you can avoid this rush and enjoy many other benefits.

Are you one of the

who rush important buying decisions?

Reminders to the rescue!

We provide well-timed reminders before an occasion that give you time to think about when you can shop without pressure. Not too early, not too late, just a time that suits you.

Then there's 2Find...

Ever said "I hope you like it" or "I didn't know what to get you" when giving a gift?

In a world full of choice, it's never been more difficult to decide what to buy people. What do they like? What do they need? Where do I start?

The challenge doesn't stop there. There are over 12 million online retailers, so which can you trust to deliver a great service at a fair price?

Google probably has the answer, but do you have the time? Why leave it to chance?


Guess what to buy for others

No great surprise that only...

Received a great gift in the last 12 months

Introducing Profiles.

Each reminder links to an individual profile packed with inspiration on what that person likes:

  • Favourite Retailers
  • Wishlists
  • Categories of interest and more...

Can't see anything you like, send them a nudge to update their profile.

Then simply buy from their favourite retailers or any of the independently rated and trusted stores listed within the site.

Your all in one
Remind 2 Find Dashboard

Remind. Shop. Share.

Start Today. We guarantee it will take no longer than 2 minutes to create your profile. and leave it with us to finally get you organised for those personally important occasions.

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